Crash Worship - Hit After Hit

Recorded in 1985 & 1986, released as a private-edition cassette for the band's friends in 1986.

Crash Worship - Hit After Hit


Há-Zá-Má - Há-Zá-Má

Lovely music that just drifts away ...

CD reissue of an earlier tape released on Captain Trip Records in 1995.



Há-Zá-Má - Once Upon A Time

Roku, Furukawa, Kaoru O and the legendary Michio Kurihara delivering quality psychrock ...

CD reissue of an earlier tape released on Captain Trip Records in 1999.

Once Upon A Time


Há-Zá-Má - Under The Radioactive Fallout

An unexpected and brief reprise of Há-Zá-Má with only Roku surviving from the original line-up.

C54 released on Sloow Tapes in 2011.

Under The Radioactive Fallout


Devo - Be Stiff

Their first 12" EP, released by the legendary Stiff Records in 1979. Includes early self-produced versions of songs that later appeared on "Q: Are We Not Men?", plus an Eno-produced version of the title track and one additional tune.

Devo - Be Stiff


Taco - タコ Box Vol.1 甘ちゃん

I used to think that Taco never really existed and began to think that they were imagined somewhere in order to torment me with the never to be realised potential that the myth might actually be true.

The increasingly magnificent Super Fuji Discs released this four CD masterpiece in 2012. Apparently there is a Volume 2 as well ... but I can barely manage English never mind navigate their website ... maybe one day I will hear that truth as well ...

And this is pertinent information lifted from elsewhere:

"Taco" means "octopus”, "kite" and even "bunion" in Japanese. Bald men or men with shaven heads, and red-faced, staggering drunks are also referred to as "taco". It’s a word that appears in a lot of slang and sayings. "Taco" is also the name of the 80s music and performance collective whose performances were like nothing before or since.

The Japanese band Taco, formed at the beginning of the 80s, is a loose group/collective of varying members that belongs to the post-punk alternative music movement. The network of members was all friends and acquaintances of Harumi Yamazaki, ex-member of Gaseneta and Taco’s central member. Taco can be described as a band of guerillas who, over the years, continued to connect, collect, interrupt, and scatter while sending out, into the world, music and sounds that can best be described as transient. Taco also performed without Harumi and so it is as though the band is an anonymous group of mercenaries.

Taco’s first album was released in 1983 and had a huge impact on Japan’s underworld music scene as an anomalous and collaborative album involving various participating artists (the stars of Japan’s underground music scene!) and Harumi, who provided the lyrics. Although each track represents a reverberating conglomeration of sounds created by this transient local network, common to all the tracks is Harumi’s expressive lyrics. This has the effect of transforming all the tracks into a single powerful force which in turn spawns an 'incident' which spreads like a giant ripple. However, because of another incident in which the records were recalled due to the scandal caused by some of the lyrics, only a limited number of people actually own a copy of the album.

The following is a description of Taco by one of its members following one of its live performances:

"Taco’s like a project where the indeterminate participants fan each other’s heightened emotions of wanting to wreak personal revenge and retribution. It’s an ecosystem of tangible and intangible mouldy slime which accumulate in order for emotions to be acted out, both indoors in the studio, or outdoors on stage. That’s why the avenger can often end up being the victim."






Taco - タコ

The best way to begin to even begin to describe this is to say that it was released on Pinakotheca.

Truly great music that ranges from inspired insanity to new wave / J-pop to elegiac chaos to punk carnage. Inspired!

LP released on Pinakotheca in 1983.



Taco - 大全

There is a disgruntled comment on Discogs about this release ... I don't believe a word of it! Read it if you want but it's really not worth it. Whilst this reprises some of the original LP ... there are major differences ... nothing is as simple as a baseless opinion it would appear.

This release adds some interesting and entertaining spoken word interludes. There also appears to be a few points where injudicious bleeps are inserted to obscure words in order to appease the mortally offended. These are also missing from the vinyl. Yeah, Discogs can be full of shite.

More fact, non-fact and baseless Bleak Bliss opinion will become clear tomorrow.

CD released on SSE Communications in 1994.



Gaseneta - Sooner Or Later

These are recordings from 1978 by what I think is the core line-up of Harumi Yamazaki, Jun Hamano and Toshiharu Ohsato (although there is an apparently uncredited drummer on these tracks as well). Until 2011, these appeared to be the only surviving recordings of Gaseneta.

CD released on P.S.F. Records in 1991.

Sooner Or Later


Gaseneta - Greatest Hits

Genius ramshackle garage rock and roll punk noise that delightfully collapses around your ears.

Greatest Hits is very tongue in cheek considering that they didn't actually release anything in their lifetime. The majority of these recordings are made between 1977 and 1979 with three tracks from 1985 that have a completely different line up including Asahito Nanjo on bass, Munehiro Narita on guitar and Yuro Ujiie on drums (all of whom were in High Rise).

CD released on Super Fuji Discs in 2011.

Greatest Hits


Devo - Ultracore 1974-1977

Collection of early demos and live stuff, of unknown provenance, assembled by fans and passed around in the usual way. If all you know are the hits, this is unlikely to give you no satisfaction. However, if you expect basement electronics recorded at a time and place when no "scene" or context existed for such a thing, then this is a remarkable document.

Devo - Ultracore 1974-1977


Devo - Hardcore Devo Vol. 4 74-77

Further grey-area collection of homemade synthesizer squelch and teenage hormonal panic by Akron's Fab Five. Definitely not produced by Brian Eno.

Devo - Hardcore Devo Vol. 4 74-77


Devo - Hardcore Devo Vol. 3 74-78

Grey area continuation of Devo's series of early four-track demos, much more electronic, experimental, awkward and rough than their better-known major-label studio albums. Closer in spirit to a snotty Throbbing Gristle or "Duck Stab"-era Residents than "Whip It".

Devo - Hardcore Devo Vol. 3 74-78


Acid Mothers Temple & The Melting Paraiso U.F.O. - Univers Zen Ou de Zéro à Zéro

In 2002, the lovely people at Fractal Records released the Univers Zen Ou de Zéro à Zéro CD.

The following year, they "re-released" it as a quadruple vinyl set that included the complete Univers session, unreleased tracks and the fourth disc "Live In Europe 2002".

The first 50 copies even came in individual colours. What a lovely thing to do!




Various - Boule

They said I need to go to rehab and I said "Yeah, I know!" I need to detox ... but before that happens ... I've never heard the first Ptôse release on PPP. The best that I can do is this collection of covers of the titular track. Anne Gillis, Renaldo & The Loaf, Nigel Jacklin, Mark Lane, Wolfgang Wiggers, Die Form, The Grief, Yoshiaki Kinno's Ice 9 project and so on and so forth ...

C60 released on Ptôse Production Présente in 1985.



Ericka Irganon / John J. Cabanis - PPP K010 : PPP K017

Were Ericka Irganon and John Jean Cabanis pseudonyms of two of the core members of Ptôse, sometime collaborators or satellites orbiting the Ptôse universe? I could postulate for a while but you're not that bothered. This brings the two tapes released on Ptôse Production Présente in 1981 and 1984 respectively.

LP released on Vinyl-on-demand in 2014.

PPP K010 : PPP K017


Ptôse - PPP K 015 + PPP K 009

... and just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water.

I've been listening to Ptôse on constant rotation for weeks. Literally just Ptôse. I've just fed the cats some sardines whilst singing Eat Your Fish ! (and there may have even been some dancing involved). To be honest, I think that they very much enjoyed the full package. Anyway, where was I? Oh yeah. This is a CDr released on Halte Aux Records ! in 2003. It combines the Poisson Soluble and Moxisylte N. tapes but on this the sound is brighter and shinier (and possibly remastered). That may be a good thing or a bad thing but it is a different thing. I appreciate that I'm not the best person to ask which is which at the moment ... there's even a CD version released on Le Cluricaun in 2010 that includes the Women On The Moon track (if I had it, I'd post that as well).

PPP K 015 + PPP K 009


Ptôse Production - Women In The Moon

Single-sided 7" released on Sordide Sentimental in 1980.

Women In The Moon

Whilst I'm here ... I can't offer you much more information than what is obvious. It sounds like an audience bootleg ... yours if you want it.

Live Rennes, 1984


Ptôse - A Paraitre

In 1981, Ptôse released the Apparaitre tape and three years later they re-released it with the additional "Par La Fenêtre" track.

C34 released on Ptôse Production Présente in 1984.

A Paraitre


Ptôse Production - Moxisylyte N.

You probably already have guessed that this is incroyable!

C34 released on Ptôse Production Présente in 1981.

Moxisylyte N.